Who am I?

I am Sebastián Blanco and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. You can call me Papa :)

I am a System Engineering student at UAI. I work as a Robotics Researcher at CAETI. My duty is to develop technology to facilitate the use of robotics in education. Here's my CV if you want to know more about what I do.

My passion is to make games and I'd love to push the boundaries of the medium. This is the indie studio that I created with some lifelong friends: PapaCorps


And we are working on Wizards of Lezama :)

I was a Conference Associate and an International Ambassador at the Game Developers Conference. Both programs are fantastic and helped me a lot!

gdc conference associates

gdc ia

These people are my inspiration in game development:

I have other interests, too. You can talk with me at: @sebasgb

You can also listen to some music that I like from my country :)

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